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 Difference Between Modi Wave and Anti-Modi Sentiment is About 100 Seats/The Sunday Standard, April 27, 2014
 The Indian meteorological department is a whimsical prognosticator, failing to predict the weather—including storms—quite often. Fierce arguments break out over its efficacy, but with fewer loyalists than cynics. A similar battle is on over political forecasting, with fewer takers for contrarians. Fair weather birds have started migrating to safer climes,...
Race Course Road

 Manmohan’s UPA Clueless, Comatose
 The past two weeks in Parliament have been disastrous for both Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the UPA Government he leads. The chaos in the House also exposed the internal weaknesses of the Congress Party in handling the business of governance. The politics of confrontation has led to a complete breakdown of dialogue between the ruling party and the Opposition. Moreover, it also exposed the truth that the recent Cabinet reshuffle hasn’t made..

 ‘Modernisation is the Focus’
 New Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi will go ahead with the points featuring in his predecessor Mamata Banerjee’s Vision 2020, and would stress on safety and security measures and fourth-generation reforms. But privatisation is no solution to improvement, he tells The New Indian Express Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla in a television interview. (Prabhu) What is your agenda for the next three or six months? (Dinesh) First point is completion of vision 2020 as said by Mamtaji (predecessor Mamata Banerjee). Secondly, stressing on safety and security measures, initiating fourth-generation reforms, for which...
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 Telecasted on July 27, 2013 on IBN7
 RAHUL is our PM Candidate and We will seek mandate in his name in Haryana" asserts state CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda - On Teekhi Baat http://www.prabhuchawla.blogspot.in/2013/07/teekhi-baat-with-bhupinder-singh-hooda.html

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